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Turkey rejects Greece’s baseless ‘Pontic genocide’ claims

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The Foreign Ministry strongly rejected a recent statement by Greece released on the anniversary of unfounded Pontic claims saying that it aims to twist historical facts. “We categorically reject the delusional statements made by the Greek authorities on the pretext of the anniversary of the unfounded “Pontian” claims, which completely distort history. Noting that Greek officials continuously try to distort historical facts, the ministry said Turkey condemns all attempts to deceive communities by spreading such false propaganda in third countries. The ministry also warned that attempts to create hostility based on the past only mislead the young generations and do not benefit efforts to establish peace and stability. “Instead of relying on falsified historical narratives contradicting reality, it would be more reasonable for Greece to face the facts regarding the crimes against humanity that were established by the Lausanne Peace Treaty, as included in the report of the Allied Powers Investigation Commission, committed by Greece during its occupation and invasion attempt of Anatolia,” the ministry said. It continued by saying that it would be appropriate for Greek officials to remember the brutal crimes and atrocities perpetrated against other religious or ethnic groups, particularly the Turks, including the 1821 Tripolitsa massacre. “We invite Greece to work together for peace, stability and a prosperous future on the basis of cooperation instead of trying to distort the facts,” the ministry added. The Greeks who resided in the Black Sea region referred to the area as Pontus, based on the ancient Pontus kingdom founded in 301 B.C. Far-right Greek groups brought up the so-called Pontic genocide allegations against Turkey to boost their political influence and win the support of populists in Europe. Greece marked May 19 as Pontic Greek Genocide Day in 1994. The so-called genocide refers to the alleged killing of ethnic Greeks by Turks in the Black Sea region during World War I and the subsequent Greek-Turkish War.


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