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PKK supporters urge Sweden to halt NATO bid, reject Turkey’s demands

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Supporters of the terrorist PKK and its Syrian offshoot YPG protested Sweden’s application to become a NATO member in the capital Stockholm on Saturday. A group of terrorist YPG/PKK supporters gathered at the Norra Bantorget Square and marched toward the headquarters of the Social Democratic Party. They called on Swedish authorities to refrain from joining the security bloc and reject Turkey’s requests regarding the YPG/PKK terrorists and other terrorist groups. While marching, the group chanted “We’re all PKK supporters,” and police did not interfere in the demonstration, Anadolu Agency (AA) reported. Terrorist YPG/PKK supporters hold a so-called “flag” of the terrorist group in Stockholm, Sweden, May 21, 2022. (AA Photo) According to information from Turkish officials, Sweden was repeatedly warned not to allow the meetings, but authorities failed to take the necessary steps. Moreover, supporters and representatives of the terrorist PKK carry out activities in Sweden without hindrance. For example, in January 2019, supporters of the terrorist group held a protest in a shopping center in Borlange, Sweden. In the protest in support of jailed terrorist PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, one of the banners carried by supporters of the terrorist group was a symbol of a weapon. On webpages close to the terrorist group, the protest was promoted under the title “occupation action by Swedish youth.” During the protest, Swedish security forces did nothing to prevent PKK supporters from carrying the terrorist group’s so-called “flag” and pictures of Öcalan. While giving freedom to terrorist groups that threaten Turkey, due to the war in Ukraine Sweden is now seeking membership in NATO, which Turkey is a longstanding member of. For decades, Sweden took a neutral foreign policy posture in the region, but the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war that started on Feb. 24 triggered a shift in its approach, with the public and most politicians favoring joining the NATO alliance.


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