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Israel warns US against ‘less-for-less’ Iran nuclear deal

LONDON: Human Rights Watch has warned of a new wave of civilian displacements caused by indiscriminate Houthi shelling in Marib, Yemen. HRW called on the Iran-backed group to “immediately” end the shelling, which it said is...

Israeli drug for severe COVID reduces death by 70% – phase 2 trial

An Israeli treatment for severe COVID-19 has been found to reduce mortality by 70% in a Phase II clinical trial conducted at three major hospitals throughout the country. Bonus BioGroup released new data this week showing that the 30-days...

At least 24 migrants drown crossing English Channel from France

At least 24 people died after their dinghy capsized on Wednesday while trying to cross the Channel from France to Britain, a local mayor told France 3 television. Local authorities had previously said five migrants had drowned, but that...

Déjà vu, doubts from allies in runup to US, Iran return to talks – analysis

On-stage remarks made about Iran in Herzliya and Manama this week could give a person a feeling of déjà vu: as in 2015, US allies in the Middle East are once again looking warily at Washington’s intention to...

The rising of antisemitism and its consequences on the world – opinion

The major instigators of antisemitism today come from the radical right, radical left and radical Islam. Even though these three major groups despise each other, and would like to destroy each other, they are united in their irrational...

Cannabis committee created as Knesset committee war continues

The coalition rejected a compromise to resolve a dispute with the opposition over the makeup of Knesset committees. Likud faction chairman Yariv Levin sent the coalition a letter offering to end the opposition’s boycott of the committees. He demanded...

UAE Entrepreneurship Minister tours Tel Aviv-Jaffa

UAE Minister of State Entrepreneurship and SMEs Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi's visit comes as Israel and the UAE continue to strengthen diplomatic and economic ties following the Abraham Accords.


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