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News from Anti-Netanyahu

Anti-Netanyahu bloc parties continue talks for possible coalitions

Multiple meetings between the leadership of all of Israel's parties have occurred since Israel's Tuesday election as the various party heads discuss possible coalitions for Israel's next...

Anti-Netanyahu protest leader sued for allegedly not paying demonstrators

"I never promised anyone a cent," Amir Haskel replied, when asked whether he paid fellow protesters to enthusiastically participate in the demonstrations against Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin...

Anti-Netanyahu protesters ramp up demonstrations ahead of elections

With the elections fast-approaching, the weekly nationwide protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu kicked off bigger and louder than usual in recent weeks on Saturday – the 37th consecutive...

Anti-Netanyahu protests continue for 33rd consecutive week

Anti-Netanyahu protests continued for the 33rd consecutive week on Saturday evening, with thousands marching in Jerusalem and in Caesarea.  While the protests were peaceful for the most part...


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